VOCBASE runs on all IBM-compatible PC's, DOS version 5.0 or higher, or VOCBASE may be executed from Windows/Windows95. VOCBASE comes on only one master diskette as a self-extracting, compressed file. You need at least 2 Mb available on your disk. The installation is easy. You do not need any database.  

All data in the VOCBASE are referenced to the scientific literature and documented.  

VOCBASE contains:  
Chemical name 
Chemical formula 
Odor thresholds > 600 VOCs and 29 inorganics 
Irritation (mucous membrane) thresholds, ca. 160 VOCs 
Boiling points 
Vapor pressures 
Octanol/water partition coefficients 
Gyration properties 
Review on sensory terms 

VOCBASE can be ordered from (US$ 300 plus VAT) 

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