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Title = Field and Laboratory Emission Cell: FLEC 
Abstract = A small, versatile, easy to handle and to clean micro emission cell for measurements of volatile organic compounds emitting from planar building materials has been designed. The test material becomes an integral part of the cell itself. The cell is applicable in the laboratory, on site in buildings, as well as in product development and production control of building materials. The cell is made of stainless steel. It is circular with a maximum test material surface area of 0.0177 m and a volume of 0.035 L. An air supply unit supplies clean and humidified air into two diagonally positioned inlets. The construction provides an evenly distributed air velocity over the test material surface. Four vinyl floor carpet samples from the same batch have been tested simultaneously in Denmark and Sweden with two micro emission cells (air exchange rate = 171/hour, temperature = 23C, and relative humidity = 50%) and two climate chambers (234 L, air exchange rate = 0.25/hour, temperature = 23C, and relative humidity = 45%) over a 10-day period. The analytical repeatability was less than 0.8% relative standard deviation for cyclohexanone and phenol but about 6% for TXIB (2,4,4-trimethyl-1, 3-pentanediol diisobutyrate). The cyclohexanone and phenol concentrations in the emission cells correlated with r = 0.992-0.996. The estimated initial masses and the firstorder decay rate constants of the emission in the emission cells were not greatly different for cyclohexanone and phenol. Comparison of the emission cell with the 234 L chambers showed a significant discrepancy with regard to the initial mass, indicating sample inhomogeneity. The apportionment of VOC emissions from two different materials on site in buildings has been determined by field measurements. A protocol for the field and laboratory emission cell (FLEC) has been elaborated. 
Location = Indoor Air 1991, 1: 160-165 
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Author = Wolkoff,P. Clausen,P.A. Nielsen,P.A. Gustafsson,H. Jonsson,B. Rasmusen,E. 
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