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Title = Comparison of Volatile Organic Compounds from Processed Paper and Toners from Office Copiers and Printers: Methods, Emission Rates, and Modeled Concentrations 
Abstract = The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from nine toner powders and eleven types of processed paper from photocopying machines (6), laser (3) and matrix printers (2), and one carbonless copy form has been measured. A total of 61 VOC from toner powders were identified by heating (185 C) the powder for three minutes for thermal desorption and by gas chromatography followed by the use of low and high resolution EI and CI mass spectrometry. VOC from processed paper were analyzed by headspace sampling on Tenax TA from nylon bags. Thirty-one VOC with a wide range of volatility and persistency were identified from processed paper. The total VOC emission from the various types of paper differed substantially. Using the field and laboratory emission cell (FLEC), the calculated initial emission rate of styrene was 5 ug m-2h-1 from a freshly processed paper. The VOC emission from machines and the processed paper can be reduced by proper choice of office equipment. However, an evaluation should consider all potential pollutants. 
Location = Indoor Air 1993 3:113-123 
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Author = Wolkoff,P. Wilkins,C.K. Clausen,P.A. Larsen,K. 
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