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Title = Characterization of Linoleum. Part 1: Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds by use of the Field and Laboratory Emission Cell, "FLEC" 
Abstract = The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from 12 linoleum samples were measured by use of the "Field and Laboratory Emission Cell" (FLEC) with sampling on Tenax TA followed by thermal desorbtion and GC/FID or GC/MS analysis. Major VOCs were alkanals, alkenals and fatty acids. The emissions were measured after 24 h in FLEC and again after one month's storage in a well ventilated room. The emission profiles of hexanal, nonanal and propanoic acid were modeled for four linoleum samples using a new exponential diffusion model. The time required to reach 50% of the odor threshold concentrations in a standard room was from 113 to 2296 hours. The applicability of the diffusion model for modeling long-term emission needs to be further evaluated considering possible continuous oxidative emission. 
Location = Indoor Air 1995, 5: 38-43 
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Author = Jensen,B. Wolkoff,P. Wilkins,C.K. Clausen,P.A. 
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