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Title = Characterization of Linoleum. Part 2: Preliminary Odor Evaluation 
Abstract = The odor of 13 linoleum samples was investigated by different methods. 1) Gas chromatography (GC) with sniffing was used to ensure that no significant odorant was overlooked. 2) Odor intensity evaluation of the linoleum samples was correlated with GC data from Part I of this study. Partial least squares regression yielded two factors capable of explaining 77% of the odor intensity variation. The most important classes of compounds were 2-alkenals and fatty acids. 3) Odor indexes of the individual VOCs were compared in order to evaluate their relative odor impact. 4) The odor of linoleum was simulated by a synthetic mixture compounded according to the GC data. It had an odor closely resembling that from certain varieties of linoleum. 
Location = Indoor Air 1995, 5: 44-49 
Reference type = Journal (Editor board) 
Author = Jensen,B. Wolkoff,P. Wilkins,C.K. 
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