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Title = Design and Characterization of the CLIMPAQ, Chamber for Laboratory Investigations of Materials, Pollution and Air Quality 
Abstract = A test chamber has been developed in order to provide a small and simple, but well documented emission testing facility capable of testing construction products in a climate where the important climatic parameters like temperature, ventilation rate and air speed may be varied independently around typical indoor values. The CLIMPAQ is made of panes of window glass. Other main surface materials are stainless steel and eloxated aluminium. The chamber has a volume of 50.9 l and is designed to meet the requirements of the important methods for quantifying air pollution. In this investigation human subjects acted as air pollution judges, and chemical Characterization of the air pollution was done. Carpet, linoleum, wall paint and sealant were tested simultaneously in the CLIMPAQ and in four other chambers ranging from a full scale chamber of 28 m to a field and laboratory emission cell of 35 ml. Results are comparable and deviations are seen to be the result of different exposures and sink properties in the different chambers. 
Location = Indoor Air`93 vol 2: 507-512 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Gunnarsen,L. Nielsen,P.A. Wolkoff,P. 
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