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Title = Trade Standards for Testing Chemical Emission from Building Materials. 

Part 1: Measurements of Flooring Materials 

Abstract = On behalf of the Swedish Flooring Trades Association, the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute has carried out emission measurements of 50-odd different flooring materials such as linoleum, vinyl sheeting, vinyl tiles, parquet, laminate flooring and smoothing compound for use on floors. The materials were examined in accordance with recently established trade standards for measurement of chemical emission from flooring materials. The trade standards specifies that measurements of the emission factor, expressed as ug TVOC/m2 hour, shall be made 4 weeks and 26 weeks after preparing the test samples. In general, emission from the materials tends to have fallen by about two-thirds by six months after the second measurement. As a result of the work, some of the materials have been reformulated in order to minimise emission. The Swedish Flooring Trades Association has prepared a model form for declaration of emission factor, intended to assist architects and others in choosing materials. The trade standard is based on the use of an item of equipment known as the Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC), which has been designed e.g. for use by manufacturers for factory production control. Similar trade standards have also been developed for materials such as paint and fillers for walls. 
Location = Indoor Air`93 vol 2: 437-442 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Gustafsson,H. Jonsson,B. 
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