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Title = Measuring during Airing out Pollutions from Concrete Slabs 
Abstract = In Scandinavia the indoor air in many newly constructed buildings is contaminated due to destruction of vinyl floorings or/and glues on damp concrete. In the same houses it is common to find SBS symptoms. 

In order to avoid that kind of contamination of the indoor air and to reduce SBS-symptoms, airing out (baking out) the contaminants from the concrete was done. Several kind of measurings were performed showing that the VOC concentration in the indoor air was dependent on sunshine on the vinyl carpets, that the emissions from the floor rose when baking out and that there was no correlation between odour strength and VOC concentration. 

Location = Indoor Air`96 vol 3 : 65-70 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Follin,T. 
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