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Title = Time Dependence of TVOC Emission for Selected Materials 
Abstract = One aim in the CEC research project "European Data Base for Indoor Air Pollution Sources in Buildings" has been to produce information of volatile organic compound emissions in function of time. The emission data will be used in characterization of emission sources, in toxicological evaluation of material emissions, and as base data for modelling the decay of the emissions. 

The maximum level and the decay of the TVOC emission rate varies for different materials. The decay is usually rapid for liquid surface treating agents like paints, varnishes and floor oils. The TVOC emission rates have usually in 28 days decreased at least 90 per cents. The emission decay for solid materials is slower, but the maximum emission levels are also lower than for fast evaporated liquid agents. The thickness of the material have an effect on the emissions, but a greater effect on emissions can be found in the products of different manufacturer. 

Location = Indoor Air`96 vol 3 : 591-596 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Tähtinen,M. Saarela,K. Tirkkonen,T. Clausen,G. Andersen,T.E. 
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