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Title = The Relevance of Long-term Emission Testing of VOCs from Building Products 
Abstract = Long-term emission testing of VOCs (months) of new and conditioned building products (carpets, paints, and sealants) using the Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC) has revealed discontinuous decay behaviour and secondary emission processes. The key VOC from the carpets was 4-phenylcyclohexene which exhibited a marked discontinuous decrease after approximately four months. Other VOCs also showed discontinuous profiles and one which started increasing after several months. The paints showed normal declining emission profiles, however, one emitted Texanol at a nearly constant emission rate over a period of several months. The sealants exhibited emission profiles which after some time increased. Time values measured by long-term testing and calculated time values based on short term emission data and determined from emission constants were in good agreement for the sealants. 
Location = Healthy Building`94 vol 3 ; 207-212 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Wolkoff,P. 
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