ID = 26 
Title = VOC Emission form some floor cleaning agents.
Abstract = The emission profiles of selected VOCs and TVOC from 10 different cleaning agents (70m film) were monitored over a period of one week in the micro emission cell "FLEC" (22C, 50% relative humidity and approximate air velocity 1 cm/s). The peak emissions for nonpolar VOCs (mainly perfume components) were reached less then 1/2 hour after the film was applied. For the polar VOCs (1,2-propandiol, 2(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol and 2(2-buthoxyethoxy)ethanol, the peak emissions were delayed 3-7 hours. 
Location = Proceedings of Healthy Buildings '94, Budapest 1994, Vol. 1, page 247-252 
Reference type = Conference proceeding
Author = Karl Ventzel Vejrup and Peder Wolkoff
Company or Institute = National Institute of Occupational Health, Copenhagen, Denmark
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