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Title = Evaluation of a Method for dealing with Humidity and Odour problems in Concrete Floors 
Abstract = One proposed method of dealing retroactively with problems of odour and humidity problems in concrete ceiling/floor structures involves removing the old PVC floorcovering and the adhesive residues from the surface of the smoothing compound (screed). The screed is then left exposed to the air for a certain period (14 days) to allow substances (e.g. VOCs) in the screed and concrete to disperse, after which a new PVC floorcovering is laid without adhesive bonding. The field study showed that both the emission (g/m/ h) and concentration (ng/g) of VOCs in the screed layer were reduced by about 50-90% during the fortnight's exposure to the air. However, subsequent measurements made nine months after re-laying the floorcovering showed that both the emission from the screed surface and the concentration of VOC in the screed had risen to about the same level as before the work was done and the questionnaire results did not indicate any improvement as regards health after the work. 
Location = Indoor Air`96 vol 4 ; 325-330 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Bornehag,C.G. 
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