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Title = Characterization of Emissions from Building Products: Short-Term Chemical and Comfort Evaluation after Two Days 
Abstract = The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from five different building products (BPs) were studied in te micro emission cell, FLEC, 48 hours after start of conditioning and testing. The BPs were: Carpet (latex), PVC flooring, floor varnish, sealant, and waterborne wall paint on gypsum board. Emission testing was carried out at air velocity ca. 2 cm/s. GC/MS analysis identified from 27 to 34 different VOCs for each BP. The VOC concentrations of emitted VOCs measured, by GC/FID analysis, after 48 hours were transformed to model room concentrations. The number of VOCs above 3 pg/m was between four and six and the number of VOCs having concentrations above their human odor threshold was from zero to three; none were above their airway irritation threshold. The perceived air quality (PAQ) in decipol (in the CLIMPAQ under comparable conditions) appeared to be governed by those VOCs having low odor thresholds (high odor indexes), and neither the summed concentration of VOCs, nor the major VOCs emitted. Despite low VOC emitting BPs, the PAQ was considerable (11-22 decipol), thus calling for a less rigid use of human odor thresholds as comfort endpoints. 
Location = Indoor Air`96 vol 4 ; 311-336 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Wolkoff,P. Jensen,B. Kjr,U.D. Nielsen,P.A. 
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