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Title = Toluen i dybtrykte brochurer / kataloger - 

Toluene in Gravure Printed Materials. (Full report are in Danish) 

Abstract = A method has been developed for a fast determination of the emission of toluene from gravure printed brochures and catalogues. The method is useful for the assessment of possible exposure of postal workers and in process control. There was great variation in the emission of toluene from the different investigated brochures, up to a factor of 22 between the lowest and the highest emission. A maximum of 2145 ppm toluene was measured in the interstitial air of one brochure. Highly time-resolved measurements with a newly developed photo-acoustic IR detector under simulated mail handling in a test chamber with air exchange rate of 0.5/hour showed a concentration of toluene higher than 25 ppm in the breathing zone in 9-26% of the time during 15 minutes handling. The expert committee of EU recommends a threshold limit value of 20 ppm. The measured concentrations of toluene from gravature printed brochures can result in a marked impairment of the air quality. The emission measurements correlated with the exposure measurements. 
Location = Arbejdsmilj°instituttet april 1994 
Reference type = Report 
Author = Jensen,B. Olsen,E. Wolkoff,P. 
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