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Title = Comparing the Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC) with Traditional Emissions Testing Chambers 
Abstract = A series of tests was designed to evaluate the performance of the field and laboratory emission cell (FLEC) as applied to the testing of emissions from two indoor coating materials, floor wax and latex paint. These tests included validation of the repeatability of the test method, evaluation of the effect of different air velocities on source emissions, and a comparison of FLEC versus small chamber characterization of emissions.The FLEC exhibited good repeatability in characterization of emissions when applied to both sources under identical conditions. Tests with different air velocities showed significant effects on the emissions from latex paint, yet little effect on emissions from the floor wax. Comparisons of data from the FLEC and small chamber show good correlation for measurements involving floor wax, but less favourable results for emissions from latex paint. The procedures and findings are discussed; conclusions are limited and include emphasis on the need for additional study and development of a standard method. 
Location = Characterizing Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and Related Sink Effects, ASTM STP 1287, Bruce A. Tichenor, Ed., American Society for Testing and Materials, 1996, pp. 98-111. 
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Author = Roache,N.F. Guo,Z. Fortmann,R. Tischenor,B.A. 
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