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Title = Review of small Scale Devices for measuring chemical Emission from Materials 
Abstract = A review of published material covering small scale devices for measuring emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) especially from building materials has been performed. The review is based on the international literature as well as patents, standard methods and devices for industrial application. Several small scale devices for emission measurements exist. A few of these devices are constructed for being attached directly to the surface of building materials on site. Stainless steel is the most frequently used material since the surface is smooth and inert. For low emission rate materials headspace technique provides too small amounts of volatile compounds. Existing microchambers for industrial use are mainly limited to very specific applications and the testing often performed at elevated temperatures. 
Location = Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. Chemical Analysis SP. Report 1991: 25 
Reference type = Report 
Author = Gustafsson,H. Jonsson,B. 
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