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Title = Emission from wall paints - the influence of the wall material 
Abstract = Earlier investigations have indicated that the wall material would influence the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from interior paints. In this study the emission of total VOC (TVOC) from paints was studied on three different wall materials. 

The emissions were tested using a Field and Laboratory Emission Cell, "FLEC". Vapour concentrations were determined by sampling on Tenax TA, thermal desorption and GC-analysis. The paints selected were conventional waterbased paint and natural paint (waterbased). Te materials painted were aluminium, gypsum board, and gypsum board with wall coverings. 

The results show that the choice of substrate influences the emission from paints. lie emission decays of TVOC from the paints are modelled. The model fits the emissions at an acceptable degree, but was less suited to predict the emission after the end of the test period of 30 days. 

Location = Healthy Buildings '95 pp. 977-982 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Jørgensen,R.B. Bjørseth,O. Malvik,B. 
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