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Title = VOC emissions from building materials: Comparison of chamber emission data with concentrations in real rooms 
Abstract = Concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) were measured in freshly refurbished rooms and compared with emission data from test chamber experiments. The results show that the emissions of a material tend to be considerably higher at the beginning of a test and to decrease faster in test chambers than in a real indoor environment. Possible reasons are sink and application effects. An adhesive, used to glue linoleum on floor, showed a relatively low but long lasting emission in the room where it was applied, compared to a high start emission with a rapid decrease in the test chamber. The influence of different support materials (glass and beech plates) on the emissions of a parquet lacquer was studied in test chambers and compared with those in a renovated room. 

Quantitative estimation of VOC concentrations in rooms based on test chamber emission data is very difficult. Strong sink/reemission and application effects have to be considered. 

Location = Healthy Buildings 95 page 845-850 
Reference type = Proceeding (Conference) 
Author = Zellweger,C. Gehrig,R. Hill,M. Hofer,P, 
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