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Title = High-speed emission testing of cleaning agents with the FLEC. Part II: Conversion from FLEC to a standard room
Abstract = It has been shown previously (Vejrup and Wolkoff, 1994) that a film of a cleaning agent had two peak emissions; the nonpolar VOCs immediately after application and later the polar VOCs.

The purpose of this study was to measure the VOC emission from three cleaning agents in the FLEC with the use of a direct reading instrument. The methods applied in this part are described in part I (Vejrup and Wolkoff, 1995). The cleaners have been selected on the basis of earlier work (Vejrup and Wolkoff, 1994) and are briefly described in Table 1. The direct reading instrument was operated at a high sampling frequency (30/h), this gave a (high) time resolution which enabled conversion of the emission data to standard room conditions.

Location = Proceedings of Healthy Buildings '95, Milano, 1995, Vol. 2, page 989-994.
Reference type = Confrence proceeding
Author = Karl V. Vejrup and Peder Wolkoff
Company or Institute = National Institute of Occupational Health, Denmark, Lersų Parkalle 105, DK-2100 Copenhagen
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