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Title = Building materials identified as major sources for indoor air pollutants. A critical review of case studies.
Abstract = A critical review op the literature concerning emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from building materials has been carried out. The review includes 24 case studies where various building materials have been identified as major emission source in buildings. In most cases, the emission source has been identified by parallel measuring. e.g. in a climate chamber. Each case study has been selected in order to represent a specific type of emission source and/or pollutant.

Various materials have been identified as emission sources in buildings, e.g. mineral wool, paint, adhesives, sealants, impregnated wood and different types of floor coverings. In Scandinavia in particular, vinyl floor coverings are reported as emission sources. In some cases, the emissions have been caused by moisture-induced degradation of building materials.

The review is based on international literature concerning emission rate determination from various products and on air quality measurement in buildings. Some unpublished Scandinavian cases studies are also included. The review does not include radon or formaldehyde, as the sources of these substances are generally recognised. Test methods for determination of emission rates are described. The review contains 120 references.

Location = Swedish council for Building Research, Stockholm 1992. Document D10:1992
Reference type = Book
Author = Gustafsson,H.
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